SnrIsaac. Isaac Andeche: Welcome to ALK, I am humbled and sincerely grateful that you’ve taken time to check out our page, thank you so much. It is our mission to proffer Educational, Business and Christian Outreach Mission Tours, which are integrated with Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Assessment and Training, conjoined with aristocratic interaction sessions with panjandrums, held at the United Nations HQ in Kenya. Professionalism, Educative, Transformative, Distinctive, Expedient, Friendly-Partnership and Fun-Full are our core values that can NEVER found with any Kenyan organizations. It is impossible to describe what it is like to experience our Cross-Cultural initiatives, the harsh contrasts, the beautiful and friendly cultures, interaction with other like-minded personalities from across the globe, wildlife safari to Africa’s BEST game-park and the amazing landscapes of great-rift valley etc. Join us transform lives, shape destinies, empower communities, offer sustainable help to Kenya’s most vulnerable and less-fortunate and revive shattered dreams, offer hope, shape lives and destinies through love. KARIBU SANA!