TEEN’SCC-MISSIONS VBS-MISSION TOURS (TVMT): Proffers a remarkable Cross-Cultural VBS Teen’s ministry platform within African context. This program promotes Christian Youth Development, Youth Leadership Development, Spiritual Development, Global interconnectivity and Cultural Intelligence (CQ). TVMT offers practical ministry platforms that helps discover and sharpen teens’ callings, ministries and gifting. It aims to strengthen Teen’s Christian virtuousness, ushers in revelatory encounter and realigns spiritual/ministry focus which elevates spiritual growth. It gives the teens the reality to envision ministry beyond the confines of their homes and strengthens desire and commitment to serve. It broadens ministry understanding, transforms attitude, perception and initiates character reformation. THIS PROGRAM SUPERSEDES THE TRADITIONAL MISSION TOURS.

TEEN’SIMG-20170906-WA0014 VBS-MISSION TOURS brings together 3-4 Christian teenage groups from across the globe, including Christian teenagers from Kenyan and East Africa. The combination of these groups presents the HIGHEST-LEVEL of Cross Cultural interaction platform greatly needed for Christian teenagers around the globe. TVMT aims to intricate and juxtapose the divergent of ministry challenges Christian teenagers in Kenya and Africa at large encounter, which may differ with the rest of the world. Poverty, health epidemics, hunger and illiteracy is part of the challenges Christian teenagers endure in Africa. Yet in the midst of all these calamities they still exhibits great faith, resilience, passion, zeal, and commitment in serving Jesus Christ. The unique way of praise and worship, dancing, jumping etc., will without doubt leave a great.

TEEN’SIMG-20170906-WA0011 VBS-MISSION TOURS is integrated with Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Assessment and Training, which helps to grow, equip and sharpen the teen’s Cultural intelligence that strengthens Cross-Cultural ministry functionalities that builds high impact Cross-Cultural competent young ministers. TVMT is conjoined with aristocratic interaction sessions with United-Nations, European Union, African Union, Diplomatic dignitaries and Leading Business personalities in Kenya, all who are BORN-AGAIN Christians. The sessions are held at the United-Nations HQ in Nairobi Kenya, and endeavours to inspire, motivate, encourage and strengthen teen’s grassroots participation towards realization of the 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDGS). This program involves humanitarian activities such as; Orphanages, Feeding programs, placements in Community based Hospital and Schools, which aims to provide holistic ministry that impacts and improves livelihood Kenya’s most vulnerable and less-fortunate. TEEN’S VBS-MISSION TOURS is crowned with fun-full and memorable recreational, outdoor sports excursions, wild-life safaris to the famous Maasai-Mara, which is Africa’s BEST game-park; Masaai Village Tour, Nairobi Museum, United Nation Tour, Great-Rift Valley, Bomas of Kenya, etc.