SPORTS-RECREATION TOURS Proffers Emerging Sport-Personalities a recreational outdoor sports experience in Kenya. This program bring together 3-4 groups of Emerging Sport-Personalities from different parts of the globe which includes emerging Sport-Personalities from Kenya for tailor-made MULTI-SPORTS activities. The blending of these groups presents HIGHEST LEVEL Cross-Cultural interaction platform for ideological and experiential sports careers exchange. Kenya prides in hosting a couple of prominent sports personalities like Mr. Usain Bolt, Ms. Serena Williams, NBA Star Mr. Yao Ming, Martial Artist Mr. Michael J. White, Mr. Jose Mourinho and Mr. Pep Guardiola all who have conducted various sports clinics in Kenya.


SPORTS-RECREATION MISSION TOURS involves participating in tailored sports activities, and offers trips to high altitude Athletics champions’ training camps, and offer one on one interaction sessions with current Kenyan world famous athletes’ and legendary Sport-Personalities, which aims promotes sports development and strengthen abilities, uniqueness, authenticity, skills and personal sports virtues and values. This tour is integrated with aristocratic interaction sessions with UNITED NATIONS, Diplomatic dignitaries and Leading Business personalities in Kenya. These sessions are held at the UNITED-NATIONS HQ in Nairobi Kenya; and endeavors to intricate the need for  Emerging Sport-Personalities to work towards realization of the 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDGS), and learn about UNEP, UNDP and other UN agencies’ roles in promoting higher standards of living, employment, economic and social advocacy.