ST-3SPORT MISSION TOURS (SMT): Strives to bring together 3-4 groups of Youthful-Sports personalities for myriad Cross-Cultural recreational and outdoor sports excursions. Our groups come from different parts of the world and from dissimilar sports which include Youthful-Sports personalities from Kenya. The combination of these groups presents HIGHEST-LEVEL of Cross-Cultural interaction platform for Youthful-Sports personalities to share sports career experiences and intricate the divergent challenges in the sports industry. The history, cultural upbringing and origin of sports career differ based on the nativity and the nationality of the Sports-Personalities. Therefore, this forum proffers a remarkable sports ideological exchange platform that targets to sharpen sporting skills, to reignite the passion, to motivate and inspire the Youthful-Sports Personalities to pursue their sports career with courage and determination regardless of the challenges they face in the course of time. Kenya prides in hosting a couple of prominent sports personalities like Mr. Usain Bolt, Ms. Serena Williams, NBA Star Mr. Yao Ming, Martial Artist Mr. Michael J. White, Mr. Jose Mourinho and Mr. Pep Guardiola all who have conducted various sports clinics in Kenya.

ST-1 The SPORT MISSION TOURS objective is to provide trips to high altitude precinct such as ITEN, ELDORET, NYERI and NANDI-HILLS; which is the Kenyan Athletics champions’ training camps, and offer one on one interaction sessions with current Kenyan world famous athletes’ and legendary sports personalities, which aims to promote sports development and strengthen abilities, uniqueness, authenticity, skills and personal sports virtues/values. It gives this group the opportunity to learn from the success and the failures of current Champions and legendary Kenyan sports personalities. It exposes areas and artefacts the Youthful Sports personalities should look out for which could endanger their sports career. Our activities such Camel Race, Donkey Festival, Beach Volleyball Derbies and Beach Handball, Softball among many other sports are without doubt the most exciting activities in Kenya.

SPORT-MISSIONalk TOURS is integrated with Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Assessment and Training which helps to grow, equip and sharpen Sports-Personalities’ Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and builds them into high impact Cross Cultural competent Sports-Personalities; which enhances ethical abilities to relate in multinational sports environments. SMT is conjoined with aristocratic interaction sessions with United-Nations, European Union, African Union, Diplomatic Dignitaries, Sports Ambassadors and Leading Business personalities in Kenya. The sessions are held at the UNITED-NATIONS HQ in Nairobi Kenya, and endeavours to inspire, motivate, encourage and strengthen Sports-Personalities to work towards realization of the 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDGS). This program involves humanitarian activities such as; Orphanages, Hospital placements, Community Schools etc. Other social activities are tailored in partnership with UNITED NATIONS and RED-CROSS, where participants earn a certificate of recognition. SPORTS MISSION TOURS is crowned with fun-full and memorable wild-life safaris to the famous Masaai-Mara, which is Africa’s BEST game-park among others.