UNITEDIMG_2420 NATION TOUR (U.N) Kenya hosts the UNITED NATIONS regional headquarters in Africa; it also hosts the global headquarters for UNEP and UN-HABITAT. U.N tour is ideal and very important to our groups, for it offers aristocratic interaction sessions with United-Nations, European Union, African Union, Diplomatic dignitaries and Leading Business personalities in Kenya. It proffers the platform to learn about UN, UNEP and other UN agencies in promoting economic, social advancement, higher standards of living, employment and social change through UN economic programs. This tour is very informative and educative. It deepens knowledge and understanding on global vital issues. Social and humanitarian activities tailored in partnership with ALK, UNITED NATIONS and RED-CROSS, adds great value to our groups, it earns participants certificate of recognition.

NAIROBInairobi-national-museum NATIONAL MUSEUM: This tour aim to interpret Kenya’s rich heritage both for education and tourism. Built in 1929, this is the flagship museum for the national museums of Kenya, housing celebrated collections of Kenya’s history, colonial/independence struggles, our heros’, nature, culture and contemporary art. The artworks and materials used in the fabrication of outdoor sculptures, the landscaping and the botanic gardens, link to the four pillars of Kenya’s national heritage, history, nature, culture and contemporary art. It offers the opportunity to interact with Kenyan historians who will take you through the Kenyan nativity.

BOMASBomas OF KENYA: The Bomas of Kenya tour offers the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful diversity of cultures that makes Kenya to be internationally recognized and admired. At BOMA, you will find all aspects of Kenyan cultures being displayed including living styles, crafts, music and dancing. The word Bomas was derived from “BOMA”-a Swahili word for enclosed homestead and there are many different “BOMAS”, each one representing one of Kenya’s major ethnic groups which are accompanied with dances and cultural songs. BOMAS is the custodian of Kenya’s cultures for cultural tourism. This tour will intricate our social values, festivals, beliefs, religions, history and customs in Kenya.

MASAAIlioness-walking-her-cubs-through-tanzania-serengeti-gallery-768x577 MARA is widely and globally recognized as the BEST and greatest wildlife reserve in Africa. It is a home of the famous wildebeest migration the 7th world wonder. The view of big 5 animals Lion, Leopard, Elephant Buffalo and Rhino and a visit to Masaai village for a Masaai dance will leave you fascinated. Its exceptional population of Masaai lions, African leopards and Tanzanian and cheetahs, will leave you with great experience of adventures and touring, ensuring that no detail of your magical journey is left to chance. The intriguing view of the greatest landscape of Great Rift-Valley will leave you with a memorable experience ever.