• To proffer Holistic Christian Outreach Ministry to the unreached, while enhancing Ministries, Studies, Careers and Professions among the youth.

  • To improve education standards among the marginalized communities in Kenya by equipping schools with Desks, Text/Exercise Books and Pens, with the aim to enhance school attendance, minimize school dropout rates, reduce the escalating levels of early marriages among girl-child.

  • To improve health sanitation and hygiene by building toilets in Schools and  villages the marginalized communities in Kenya; and increase the availability/accessibility WATER by Drilling Water-Wells in rural schools among the marginalized communities in Kenya.
  • To reduce school dropout rates among the girl-child by addressing TEETH DISCOLORATION predicament through FREE DENTAL CLINIC OUTREACH across Kenya.
  • To offer sustainable economic help to Kenya’s most vulnerable, less-fortunate, teenage single mothers and the orphans through Mentorship programs, entrepreneurship, innovative and hand-work business skills.


    Our vision is provide Professional, Informative, Distinctive, Transformative, Remarkable and Fun-Full Cross Cultural Christian Outreach Mission Tours, Research Tours, Global Youth Internships, Teens Summer Camps and Safaris; which promotes  Christian Development, Education Development, Health-Care Development and Social Development; and build high impact Cross-Cultural Competent and Cultural Intelligent Global Youth Leaders.


Professionalism, Educative, Transformative, Distinctive, Memorable, Friendly-Partnership and Fun-Full