Our HostelOUR MISSION TOUR SERVICES: Missioners are required to pay MISSION FEE; this fee is entirely kept and managed by ALK, and will ONLY facilitate the missioner’s stay in Kenya. The mission fee will cover; General Administrative Costs, FULL BOARD Accommodation (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), Shuttle Daily Transportation, Armed Security, Wild-Life Safari to MASAAI MARA among other local tours as it may have been agreed upon. 


Our missioners are always accommodated in Hotel and Hostel environments that offer the following services; Security, Electricity, Running Hot/Cold Water, flushing toilets, Internet, Comfortable Beds, Swimming Pool and Gymnasium. The meals provided include; Bread, eggs, sweet potatoes, cassavas, yam, accompanied with fruits, tea, coffee, juice or porridge for Breakfast. LUNCH & DINNER: Fried/Vegetable Rice, Roast/Mashed Potatoes, Spaghetti, fries, Corn Meal (UGALI), Wheat Meal (Chapatti), Beef stewed, Meat balls, Chicken, Fish, Beans, vegetables includes cabbage and kale. ALL MEALS SERVED IN BUFFET. NOTE: For most missioners, this will be a new way of eating and you may like to consider supplementing your diet by visiting very available western kind of restaurants for foods such as French fries (Chips), burgers, pizza, pasta etc that are readily available; HOWER, this will be at your own cost. 

CONTACT US: Email: info@alk.or.ke  OR  alk.internationalorg@gmail.com