MissionProffers mission groups the platform to acquire firsthand Cross Cultural ministry experience in Africa. This tour helps to build high impact Cross Cultural Competent ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as it focuses more on the missioners than just helping the communities. It provides tailored made activities including; Pastor’s Training, Church Planting, Inter-Church Worship Festivals, Crusades, Revival Seminars, Aristocratic Evangelism, Teens VBS, High-School Ministry, Free Medical Ministry, Prison, Orphanage Ministries among others.activities aim to promote Promotes Christian Life Development, Youth Leadership Development and Cross Cultural Competence; that sharpens callings, ministries and gifting. It strengthens Christian virtuousness, ushers in revelatory encounter that realigns ministry focus, strengthens desire and commitment to serve. It gives the missioner the reality to envision ministry beyond the confines of their homes; while transforming attitude, perception and initiates character reformation. 

missionary-programsCHRISTIAN OUTREACH TOURS provides HOLISTIC MINISTRY that impacts and improves livelihood of Kenya’s most vulnerable and less-Fortunate among the marginalized communities through Social Aid projects. Our missioners get the opportunity to enjoy one on one aristocratic interaction sessions with UNITED-NATIONS and other Diplomatic Dignitaries. These sessions are held at the UNITED-NATIONS HQ in Nairobi Kenya; and endeavors to intricate the need for missioners to work towards realization of the 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDGS), and learn about UNEP, UNDP and other UN agencies’ roles in promoting higher standards of living, employment, economic and social advocacy