DENTALALK MISSION TOURS (DMT) Proffers  Dental Students the platform to practically participate in dental related research/internship activities in Kenya. The etiologies of dental illness in Kenya and Africa at large vary with the rest of the world. An extensive observation at aforesaid scenario in Kenya will intricate and juxtapose the divergent of dental etiologies that may not exist in other countries. This program brings together 3-4 groups of Dental Students from different parts of the world, from dissimilar colleges/universities which include Dental Students from Kenyan universities, to expose the dental etiologies in Kenya and the countries represented by other groups.  The combination of these groups presents HIGHEST-LEVEL Cross Cultural/Intercultural forum for Dental Students to juxtapose etiologies, prognosis, prevention and therapeutic formulas. It provides value adding interactive stage that broadens career understanding; enhances experiential knowledge. It promotes Health-Care Development, professional communication ethics, it improves therapeutic skills, reignites the passion and commitment to serve humanity. It advances global youth leadership and connectivity. It initiates perception, attitude transformation and character reformation. It increases organizational effectiveness in multicultural and intercultural settings.

TEETHBROWN-TEETH DISCOLORATION is one of the factors that contribute to increasing cases of school dropout among girl-child in Kenya both in primary and high schools. Girls encounter stigma, discrimination, rejection, harassment and sarcasm, which lead to low self-esteem, self-devaluation, social-exclusion, inferiority complex etc. such has the proclivity of increasing cases of early pregnancies and teenage single motherhood. Our trips to life-straw water filtration units located in different communities in Kenya affected with dental health medical conditions; aimed to elaborate myriad dental etiologies, and explore prevention measures.  FREE DENTAL OUTREACH CAMP is a CASE STUDY  opportunity that provides a platform for Dental Students to practically engage their broadened understanding, knowledge, therapeutic skills, and experience in efforts to address this plight and offer the girl-child hope, smile, self-esteem, confidence and courage to face the world without fear; it reignites passion to pursue their education. It strengthens abilities, uniqueness, authenticity, capabilities, passion and personal virtues.

DENTALPicture13 kenya MISSION TOURS is integrated with Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Assessment and Training, which helps to assess, grow, build, equip and sharpen Dental Students that builds them into high impact Cross-Cultural competent young professionals. This program is conjoined with aristocratic interaction sessions with United-Nations, Diplomatic dignitaries and Leading Business personalities in Kenya. The sessions are held at the UNITED-NATIONS HQ in Nairobi Kenya, and endeavours to inspire, motivate, encourage and strengthen Dental Students to work towards realization of the 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDGS). This program involves humanitarian activities such as; Orphanages, Hospital placements, Community Schools Tours etc; and where students earn a certificate of recognition. DENTAL MISSIONS is crowned with fun-full and memorable safaris to the famous Masaai-Mara, which is Africa’s BEST game-park, among others.