ORPHANAGEORPHANAGE(1) MINISTRY: Kenya has the fourth largest H.I.V epidemic in the world with over 1.6 million people living with H.I.V AIDS, which has orphaned more than 1. 2 million children and left them impoverished. It has also weakened extended families to which orphans have traditionally turned. Our orphanage and children home offers children with love, care, hope, mental, psychological, emotional stability and protection. Our interns help to bath the babies, dressing, feeding, cooking, cleaning and spreading their beds.

EDUCATIONEDUCATION SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM:  Education is a worth and vital investment for a human, the society and nation. It helps eradicate poverty, improve health, creates new development opportunities. It helps understand better the world we live in, overcoming unrealistic superstitions and turns dreams into reality. It is the best legacy a nation can give to her citizen. Kenya’s educational system has been hit by lack of essential facilities such as classrooms, desks, books and enough teachers. The teachers employed by the government are poorly remunerated forcing them to on strike time to time for proper pay deals. ALK strive to empower lives of the orphaned and needy children through Education sponsorship program, which has proved to be a very effective program. FOR ONLY USD 1,100/- PER YEAR PER CHILD, THE DESTINY OF A CHILD IS SHAPE.