Promotes Education Development, Youth Leadership Development and Life Skills Development. It helps students to improve communication skills, prepare for future studies, careers and professions. This program brings together 3-4 groups of students from different parts of the world, including Kenyan High-Schools to expose, intricate and juxtaposes divergence of Kenyan educational system, in comparison to other educational systems; The combination of these groups presents the HIGHEST- LEVEL Cross Cultural interaction platform recommended for High-School Students. Students acquire, and deepens Kenyan historical knowledge and geographical features that focuses on socio, trade, economic, social advocacy.


EDUCATION EXCHANGE TOUR involves visiting communities’ e.g. Masaai, Kikuyu, and Kamba among others, to learn about the diversities of cultures in Kenya. It gives students the opportunity to interact with others from across the globe in class setup. It initiates interconnectivity and strengthens student’s ethical abilities to relate in multinational studying environments. This program enhances perception, attitude transformation and character reformation. It aims to fortify abilities, uniqueness, authenticity, passion and transmute personal educational virtues and values. This tours integrated with aristocratic interaction sessions with UNITED-NATIONS and other Diplomatic Dignitaries. These sessions are held at the UNITED-NATIONS HQ in Nairobi Kenya; and endeavors to intricate the need for Students to work towards realization of the 17 UN sustainable