FREE MEDICAL CAMP: MEDICAL-2Kenya is among the countries in the world whose Health-Care system has deteriorated and with many gaps that need support.  Many people in Kenya are unable to afford quality health-care; the increasing health care cost has taken a toll on child mortality, pregnant mothers, children, and the elderly. Community health centers build by the government cannot contain the number of people who seek medical attention, they struggle with lack of qualified medical personnel, drugs supply, medical equipment, blankets, bed-sheets, mattresses and heaters. FREE MEDICAL CAMP endevours to offer free medical services. This program aspire to provide medical equipment, drugs supply, blankets, bed-sheets, mattresses, heaters and placing interns who helps in cleaning, registration, pharmacy and general administration.

ORPHANAGEORPHANAGE(1) & H.I.V/CHILD-CARE: Kenya has the fourth largest H.I.V epidemic in the world with over 1.6 million people living with H.I.V AIDS, which has orphaned more than 1. 2 million children and left them impoverished. It has also weakened extended families to which orphans have traditionally turned. Our orphanage and children home offers children with love, care, hope, mental, psychological, emotional stability and protection. Our interns help to bath the babies, dressing, feeding, cooking, cleaning and spreading their beds.