IMG-20170906-WA0027ANGAZA LIVES KENYA is a Christian Outreach Ministries, registered under Society Act of Kenya government. ALK is devoted to Christian Outreach Ministries in efforts to AWAKEN the body of Jesus Christ,  through evangelistic and revival conference events that aims to heighten spiritual development. Our mission activities aim to serve myriad communities in efforts to draw their attention to the love of Jesus Christ, through acts of love and the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

ANGAZA LIVES KENYAU.N TOUR helps to organize short term, TAILORED mission tours for Education, Health and among other sectors designed for myriad mission groups. Our mission tours aim to enhance missioner’s personal ministry, career and professional pursuits of life. ALK tours also helps improves missioner’s Cross-cultural Competence in a very practical manner. ANGAZA LIVES KENYA missions tours are integrated fun-full Wild-Life Safaris to Africa’s BEST game-park Masaai-Mara, Great-Rift Valley, Trips to Masaai Village, Nairobi Museum, United Nation Tour and Bomas of Kenya..