SOCIAL AID MISSION PROJECTS: The struggle to access fresh water is a reality that marginalized communities in Kenya continues to live with.THE WATER WELL PROJECT Every day women and children spend hours walking in search for fresh water. The lack of toilets leads the inhabitants of the communities to relieve themselves in the bush, and when it rains, the human and animal waste is swept into inadequate source of water available; which increases cases of cholera and child mortality. This condition introduces alarming cases of cholera and child mortality among the marginalized communities.

TheTOILET-2 lack of water and toilets has left schools and health-clinics and struggling with poor hygiene; and limits the effectiveness of treatment provided to patients by the health-clinics.LATRINE PHOTO  This project aims to increase availability and accessibility to WATER, SANITATION & HYGIENE; while sensitizing the Communities on the dangers of defecation in efforts to eliminate the practice and improve health and protect the safety/dignity of life.

DESKS,rot1 TEXT/EXERCISE BOOKS: It is so sad that kids’ in schools among the marginalized communities sit on each other’s laps in overcrowded classrooms with no furniture, lack of desk makes students press exercise books on their laps so they can write. The ratio in Kenyan schools as still stands at 1:8, and in others pupils still had to sit on a dirty floor. Pupils sit three or four on a desk meant for two making it difficult for them to perform well.

ThisClassroom Desk project Aims to educationally equip primary Schools with Desks, Text and Exercise Books; in efforts to increase accessibility and availability of formal basic education public school among the marginalized communities in Kenya; and enhances school attendance, improve academic performance, decimate school dropout rates and reduce the escalating rate of early marriages among the girl-child.