BACKBACK 2-ROOTS (1) 2-ROOTS Program brings together Kenyan teenagers born, raised and living in Diaspora for annual Kenyan Cultural Heritage Experience. Our youth get a practical Cultural Heritage experience that connects them to our ancestral social values, festivals, beliefs, religions, history, customs and RITES OF PASSAGE. It proffers our youths the opportunity and the platform to connect with other Kenyan youth from different parts of the world and share their experiences and intricate the divergent cultural challenges they encounter in their residential countries. It presents history and the genesis of our previous generations, highlighting some of the sacrifice, hard-work and pain their parents, grandparents endured to make them who they are today. Our buildings, town escapes, and even in archaeological, the agriculture, landscapes, artifacts, objects, pictures, photographs, art, oral tradition, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the religions we follow, historical landmarks and the skills we learn are things that Kenyan Cultural Heritage Experience is made of part of. This program helps the youth to appreciate, value, acknowledge, respect, honor and recognizes the sacrifice, hard-work of their parents.  It solidifies family ties, transformations perceptions, attitudes and initiates character reformation hence appreciating privileges enjoyed back in their residential countries which many take for granted. It bridges the identity gab between them and their families back in Kenya and it initiates automatic sense of belonging and unity. It addresses social inclusion and recognition issues; while strengthening abilities, uniqueness, authenticity, capabilities, passion and personal family virtues/values.

BACK 2-ROOTS HOME PAGEBACK 2-ROOTS program is integrated with Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Assessment and Training which helps to assess, grow, equip and sharpen youths’ Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and builds high impact Cross Cultural competent personalities. It is also conjoined with aristocratic interaction sessions with United-Nations, European Union, African Union, Diplomatic dignitaries and Leading Business personalities in Kenya. The sessions are held at the UNITED-NATIONS HQ in Nairobi Kenya, which aims to champion Global Youth Leadership Development, Development Diplomacy, Diplomatic Interrelations and Executive Development and Business Development. It promotes Diplomatic communication ethics. It endeavors to inspire, motivate, encourage and strengthen the youth to work towards realization of the 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDGS). BACK 2-ROOTS is also combined with humanitarian activities such as; Orphanages, Hospital placements, Community Schools etc. Other social activities are tailored in partnership with UNITED NATIONS and RED-CROSS, where the youth earn a certificate of recognition. This program is crowned with fun-full and memorable safaris to the famous Masaai-Mara, which is Africa’s BEST game-park; Masaai Village Tour, Nairobi Museum, United Nation Tour, Great-Rift Valley, Bomas of Kenya, etc.