BACKBACK 2-ROOTS (1) 2-ROOTS Program brings together Kenyan youth born, raised and living in Diaspora for annual practical Kenyan Cultural Heritage Experience. It promotes interconnectivity for Kenyan youth living abroad to share their experiences and intricate the divergent cultural challenges in their residential countries. This tour comprises of historical buildings, town escapes, archaeological, the agriculture, landscapes, artifacts, objects, pictures, photographs, art, oral tradition, food, clothes and historical landmarks which connects them to our ancestral social values, festivals, beliefs, history, traditions and customs

BACK 2-ROOTS HOME PAGEBACK 2-ROOTS presents history and the genesis of our previous generations, highlighting some of the sacrifice, hard-work and pain their grandparents and parents endured to get them to their current state of life. This tour helps the youth to value, acknowledge and recognizes the efforts of their parents; hence appreciating privileges enjoyed back in their residential countries. It solidifies respect, family ties; while it transforms perceptions, attitudes and initiates character reformation. It bridges the identity gab, social inclusion, recognition issues and it initiates automatic sense of belonging and unity. This tour includes Wild-Life Safaris to Africa’s BEST game-park Masaai-Mara, Trips to Masaai Village, Nairobi Museum, Bomas of Kenya, United Nation Tour and Great-Rift Valley.